Matt Novak, author of the Paleofuture blog, at an exhibition of his collection hosted by BBC in Hollywood (2012)



Matt Novak started the Paleofuture blog back in 2007, and he's been collecting vintage books, illustrations, and ephemera ever since.

The Novak Archive includes four main sections:

  1. The Blog, which is where I upload documents that I’ve obtained through FOIA, as well as photos and videos that may be hard to find.

  2. The Image Archive, which has vintage photos and illustrations available for purchase in high resolution for book and film projects.

  3. All the Presidents’ Movies, which contains notes from my book project that will explore all the films that American presidents have watched while in office. The book is due out September 2020 for Abrams Books.

  4. The Movie Liberator Project, an effort to get public domain movies that aren’t available online out into the world so that anyone can watch them for free.

Founded in June of 2016, the Novak Archive is still a work in progress. But check back each week, as new FOIA documents and images are being added all the time. If there's an old image that you've seen on Paleofuture that you're interested in, but don't see it here, contact Matt directly: